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Premium Quality Albacore Tuna:
What makes this fish so much better?

  • Superior flavor
  • Entirely dolphin safe
  • Higher in Omega 3's
  • Far lower in mercury
  • Wild caught with hook and line
  • 100% white meat albacore
  • Hand filleted and hand packed
  • Both BPA free and Standard Cans
  • No water, soy or vegetable broth added
  • Caught and processed entirely in the USA
  • Up to 50% more meat per can than store tuna

What's the difference in this albacore?

Most people understand that there is a difference between canned "chunk light" tuna and canned "white meat" albacore tuna, but most people don't realize that not all albacore tuna are the same.

Albacore can vary greatly in taste, quality, and health benefits. This depends both on the size of the albacore, and how it is handled and packaged. We don't add water, soy, or vegetable broth like store tuna, and because we just pack the cans full of tuna, you get a can full of tuna, not a can full of water that you have to squeeze out. These smaller albacore caught off the pristine coasts of Washington and Oregon are healthier and better tasting than typical grocery store albacore that is imported from Asia. For more information about why our fish are healthier and better tasting, visit our albacore health and nutrition page.

We are confident that you will love our home-style canned, premium quality albacore tuna. From the moment you open the can, you will be able to see, smell, and taste the difference. You will find prices for the tuna we have for sale on the ordering page. In addition to our large variety of tuna flavors, we have other locally caught products such as crab, salmon, sturgeon, and more!